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Progressive Pride Flag Patch

Progressive Pride Flag Patch


Introducing our Progressive Pride Flag Embroidered Patch – a compact yet powerful symbol of inclusivity and diversity. Measuring at a convenient 2x3 inches, this patch is crafted with precision using 100% polyester thread to ensure durability and vibrant colors that pop.


The Progressive Pride Flag represents a spectrum of identities, proudly showcasing the beauty of LGBTQIA+ inclusion. Each thread is meticulously embroidered, capturing the essence of unity and acceptance in every stitch. The compact size makes it versatile, allowing you to adorn your favorite accessories, clothing, or even create a custom look on your everyday items.


Designed for easy application, our patch features a convenient adhesive backing, making it a breeze to apply with a simple iron-on process. Express yourself effortlessly, whether you're adding a touch of pride to your backpack, jacket, or any other fabric surface. This patch is not just an accessory – it's a statement of solidarity and celebration of diversity.


Made with quality in mind, our Progressive Pride Flag Embroidered Patch is built to last, ensuring it remains a vibrant emblem of inclusivity wherever life takes you. Embrace the spirit of pride, unity, and progress with this compact yet impactful addition to your collection.


Show your colors, share your story, and wear your pride with our Progressive Pride Flag Embroidered Patch. It's more than just a patch; it's a testament to the strength found in diversity and a reminder that love knows no bounds.

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